My name is Deepak Ghosh, and I am based in the Bay Area in California. I create black and white fine art photographs of nature and architecture. I also produce meticulously crafted limited edition prints of my work. My work has won a number of awards and been published both here in the United States and internationally. 
To me, art is about exploration – exploration of the subject, of the many interpretations of the subject, of the creative journey that affords those interpretations a singular tangible form, and eventually of the response the form elicits from the viewer. While photography as an art form is generally perceived as incredibly powerful, I consider a photograph in many ways unfinished without its print on a paper. I believe that a print not only affords the photograph its tangible form but also helps bring to bear its true aesthetic potential. 
As an artist, I find little that is more gratifying than the awe I have had the opportunity to witness over the years in the eyes of those who have experienced my work at the moment that they first experience it. Despite the many digital renditions that precede the eventual print, I believe it is ultimately the tangibility of the latter that makes that moment ever so magical and helps forge a relationship with the art itself. My goal, through striving to perfect my work, is to help make this relationship as strong and fulfilling as it can be.
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Besides creating art, I write software and build products and businesses. For more information about me, please visit my LinkedIn @deepakkghosh.